Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love chocolate :)

Hey everyone!

If I were to sum up today's culinary creation in a single word it would be this: CHOCOLATE (!!)

Yes, there was chocolate today. Lots and lots of chocolate. We made Pavé du Roy or chocolate cake :) And this is definitely something I'll be making again :)

Basically, its a 3 layer rectangle cake with alternating layers of chocolate biscuit (or cake) and chocolate ganache. The sides of the cake are decorated with chocolate sprinkles and the top of the cake is decorated with a chocolate flower made out of chocolate shavings. It's a pretty straightforward cake to make, but the tricky part is the ganache. It has to be at just the right temperature and consistency before you spread it on the cake - not too cold, not too hot, not too liquidy, and not too solid. To get it to the right consistency, you have to stir the ganache about once every 5 minutes over the course of an hour or so. If you over-mix it, it's ruined. If you under-mix it, it's ruined. Today was a bit frustrating, if you can't already tell lol But in the end, I mixed it just about the right amount of times and got it to be the right consistency :) Woohoo! [Ganache is made by boiling cream and pouring it over an equal amount of chocolate chips and stirring]

Here are some pictures:

Chef spreading the first layer of cake with chocolate ganache.

Chef's Pavé du looks flawless to me!

This is something else Chef made today in Demo (but we didn't have to make it in Practical). It is called an Entremets Casino Cake, and is basically spongecake with apricot jam and a filling of bavaroise (or Bavarian cream). I want to try to make this at home - it was so good!

My Pavé du Roy :) Not quite as pretty as Chef's, but it tastes good! ;)


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  1. Your Pave de Roy looks amazing! Glad you were able to get the hang of the ganache.