Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Day in Pictures

Hey everyone :) I don't have a lot of time to write a bunch right now, but here are some pictures I took this Thursday of my bedroom and Le Cordon Bleu. Thursday class started early at 8:15am :( But it was ok because we learned how to make a few different kinds of pastry cream and chocolate ganache! :D

Enjoy the pictures, and I'll write more soon! :)

My bedroom door!

Zooming in :)

My bed and desk

Up close shot of my desk

My dresser - and no, it's not nighttime - it's so dark outside because it is early in the morning!

Yes, this was taken at 7:26am :( lol You can see some of my books on the the left and all my Gilmore Girls DVDs on the shelf in the center. I had to take them with me! ;)

The door on the left is my closet door, in the middle is my sink, and the door on the right is the door to my room.

This is one of the industrial kitchens we use for practicals - it looks so intense!

Here is my work station after practical had ended. We had made pastry cream and chocolate ganache (those are in the plastic wrapping next to my knife kit). Yes, that big black bag is *loaded* with knives. My balloon whisk is on the other side of the pastry cream and ganache (we use that for whipping egg-whites for meringues), and my notebook is on the far right.

Le Cordon Bleu!

I think it's a really pretty building. It's a renovated old house :)


  1. Your time zone change is totally throwing me off.

    I love pictures. After reading a bunch of text and hearing about pathways with chemical structures, pretty pictures are a welcome break.

    Kinda strange having a sink in your room. I didn't like it in the closet when we had it at Balch. I never used it.

    I should send you a picture of my room and my gerbils! Ill work on finding my camera.

    Your kitchen at school looks intense! Totally like Hell's Kitchen.

    Ha. Bad ass that you carry around a bag of knives. Remind me not to mess with you.

    It is a pretty building indeed!

    Do you get to take your culinary creations home to eat? If so, I'm jealous. We don't get to take the drugs we learned about home. Just learned about cocaine on Friday. :P

    I read up on Le Cordon Bleu on wiki and noticed that the picture looked just like the one you took...but snow covered. And its a picture of your school!!! Even though they have schools in lots of places...they put yours up there. Must be the prettiest.

    Did you know Julia Child and Mario Batali went to Le Cordon Bleu? But Mario dropped out! He still became famous. I recognize him from Iron Chef and he had his own cooking show.

    Is class anything like those shows? Does watching those shows help you become a better cook? Do they teach you how to improvise your own recipes? If I was a chef, that would be the hardest part for me. I like having a set formula to follow. I think it'd be really hard/frustrating to come up with a novel recipe.

    I wish I could update you on some interesting stuff in my life...but nothings going on. I don't remember if I told you or not already, but my parents came to visit my on Monday and we went out to dinner. It was a nice Thai place. They had pad thai. YUM.

    Can't wait for more Courtney updates!