Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Trip to the Market

Hey everyone :)

I think I've had about 6 cups of tea today - that's a lot even for me! I've loaded up on cough drops and gotten as much rest as I can. However, I have not been able to shake this nasty cold I've now had for about 3 days :( It's probably the weather change and the fact that I'm living in a house with 15 people, so sickness spreads quickly (a few other people in the house aren't feeling well either). Anyway, this icky cold has kinda hindered my ability to go out and explore the city, but I *was* able to get a library card today (woohoo!)! And even better, I was able to get what is called a "Sm@rtcard" which is basically an "all access" pass to the libraries in Ottawa (including the University of Ottawa Library!). Technically speaking, the guy wasn't supposed to give me a "Sm@rtcard" - they are really only for full-time residents and not for people only staying here a few months. The card I was supposed to have gotten is a "basic pass" that would only allow me to access the public libraries (not the University library), check out 3 books at a time, and costs $5 a month.

*However*, by playing up my "cute-I'm-not-from-here-I-just-really-love-to-read-and-I'm-also-feeling-sick-today" card, I was able to convince the guy to give me a "Sm@ardcard." WIN.

Yes, I cheated the system, but I meant no harm, and I really *do* love to read, and I really *was* feeling sick today, and I will be a good book borrower, so I think it's ok ;)

Anyway, since not that much happened today, I'll share some pictures from over the weekend when my friends Kristina, Beth, and I went to the ByWard Market :) The ByWard Market is basically this HUGE farmer's market right in the city! There are outdoor booths with vendors selling everything from apples to lobster to earrings! There are also indoor shops and restaurants that line either side of the street. There are bakeries, tea stores, cheese shops, fish markets - everything you could want! The thing is though - the outdoor part is only open until the end of October because of the winter weather. I'll be able to go back to the indoor shops when I'm here during November and December, but this was probably my only chance to go to the outdoor part, so I'm glad I got to go! Even though it was a bit chilly, we had a really good time - I especially thought all the fresh produce looked so beautiful and autumny!

Welcome to the Market!

Pretty flowers!

There were so many vendors!

YUM ;)

Fresh produce

Did *you* know that cauliflower can be purple?? I didn't!

I love these mini-pumpkins!

Fall colors everywhere

It's hard to believe this will soon be covered in snow


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  1. Sorry you got sick :(
    And if I saw you, I'd also illegally give you a library pass. ;)
    The market look lovely. I knew about purple carrots but not purple cauliflower.