Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Thanksgiving-Eve Surprise for Me!

This morning began like any other morning. Thankfully I did not have an early morning class, so I slept in until about 9:30am, and then rolled out of bed, still half asleep and grumbling about someone's alarm clock that was buzzing next door. I dragged myself across the hallway to the bathroom, and it was then that I saw something that immediately shocked me wide awake!

Can you guess what it was??


lol Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic, it didn't *exactly* look like that, but here is a picture from my window:

That's a lot of snow for one night! I had no idea that it was coming either! My dad had mentioned that Montreal (which is about 2.5 hours east of Ottawa) was going to get some snow, but I thought if anything, it would be a few flurries, not almost a foot!

Here's a picture of my car in the snow:

It was actually kinda fun shoveling it out! :)

I had to go out into town to run some errands today, so here are some pictures from my walk:

I couldn't believe this tree still had green leaves! I guess it is in denial that Winter is coming!

Anyway, I was walking around Byward Market, and I saw this cupcake shop that I had never noticed before called The Cupcake Lounge. It looked really cute and there were a ton of people inside, and I thought a cupcake sounded like the best thing ever, and since I've been feeling better the past couple of days and have been good about sticking to bland foods, I thought a cupcake might be a nice way to ease back into more complex food ;) A lot of rationalizing went on if you can tell lol Anyway, The Cupcake Lounge was amazing and I can't wait to go back! I'll give you the link to their website so you can see all the options they have: (click on the "Order" tab to see all the flavors).

Here's how it works: they have a number of flavors that they make every day, and then flavors that they just do on a specific day of the week. Today was Wednesday so they had their "regular" daily flavors plus Chocolate Marshmallow Ganache, Lemon Coconut, Strawberry, Apple Dulce de Leche (I know someone who would have gotten that one! You know who you are! lol), and...Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter....How could I possibly resist that? ;) And, to add to the rationalizing, I figured that a peanut butter cupcake would be a perfect way to combine an ingredient that had been easy on my stomach during my sickness (I've been eating so much peanut butter!) with an ingredient that I had stayed away from: chocolate/sugar in general. It was meant to be and sooo worth it! :)

Their menu (I got this picture online, so I think the daily flavors may have changed slightly since the time the picture was taken, but this is still pretty much how it looked)

The display case :)

My Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cupcake - it was hard to be patient and take this picture before diving right in!

Here is a picture of their paper menu with all the descriptions of the flavors. I took this later when I got home.

Lol I know I sound obsessed with this place, but I can't help it! It was so good, and I can't wait to go back!

After running my errands, it was time for school, and so here are some pictures of Le Cordon Bleu in the snow:

We didn't do any baking today, and just had a lecture about flour, so no baking pictures to post, but I promise a description of the Yule/Christmas log is coming soon! :)


  1. Hey! I noticed your background changed. Nice! Its making me hungry.

    I hope you are having a good Thanksgiving!

    I remember your first snow at Cornell and how excited you were. Lol. Also remember throwing snowballs at each other after eating at Appel? Yazma did not appreciate Ian's snowballs. Ha.

    I have never noticed greens leaves with snow on em. Thats pretty neat.

    The cupcake place sounds freaking AMAZING! OMG they have red velvet which sounds delicious and the chocolate chocolate. I am so jealous!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Whenever I'm sick, even though you're supposed to eat bland foods...I always get chocolate :P

  2. Wow! What a beautiful picture! With the snow :) I rarely see snow (perhaps this year, there are people saying it's going to snow...) in my country. Do you remember when Lorelai Gilmore sees the first snow of the year?